The significance of colour and how it impacts your brand

Colour plays a vital role in the correct reflection of your brand. This has a significant impact on the way a brand is viewed by the public. No matter if it’s a brand for yourself, a small company, or a corporation the effects of colour will not be based on your cash flow. When thinking of colour options for your brand it’s always best to take a look at other brands to get a clear idea on how colour schemes play a role in brand perception.

Why is it important?

Colour meanings vary all over the world, and the impact that your brand has on your targeted demographic. Here is a list of a few meanings on how colours are interpreted by brands:

  1. Blue: Security, Trust Worthy, Stability, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Trust, Friendliness, Preservation, Courage, Science.
  2. Green: Wealth, Money, Calming, Trees, Ambition, Endurance, Healing, Calm, Generosity, Natural, Completion, and Protection.
  3. Red: Energy, Power, Vigour, Leadership, Courage, Passion, Activity, Joy.
  4. Yellow: Optimism, Childish, Freshness, Law, Education, Arrogance.
  5. Pink: Romantic, Feminine, Love, Beauty.
  6. Purple: Royalty, Sophistication, Nostalgia, Mystery, Spirituality.
  7. Orange: Cheerful, Passion, Pleasure, Enthusiasm, Fascination, Creativity, Fun.
  8. Black: Powerful, Mysterious, Elegance, Sophistication, Functionality.
  9. White: Pure, Noble, Clean, Soft, Freshness.
  10. Gold: Elegance, Affluence, Quality, Elite, Idealistic.
  11. Grey/Silver: Scientific, Balance, Calm, Maturity, Cold.

Some of the other attributes that skew how we perceive colour are:

  1. Hue is the primary value of a colour and how the colour red, green, blue, purple, etc. is perceived through the eye.
  2. Saturation of a colour is the overall intensity or brightness of the colour, any colour that appears dull is referred to as desaturated.
  3. Value is the lightness or darkness of overall colours schemes.

Colour can have many different meanings. It isn’t dependant on the colour entirely, however, their symbolism is based more so on our existing perceptions. Colour choices are a large part of a businesses initial branding and are important to the overall success of your brand.


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