December 5, 2021

Stoke Design Co Awards at Fed Uni’s EYE 2021

Date published (December 5, 2021)
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(Leigh Ericksen)

This year, Stoke Design Co visited Fed Uni's EYE, not for the free beer, but to present the Stoke Design Co awards (there's two!)



November 26th, 2021, saw the launch of the Federation University’s Arts Academy End Of Year Exhibition (EYE).

As well as being the first year since the pandemic had begun that the event was held in person, it was also Stoke Design Co’s first time sponsoring two awards to celebrate the achievements of high performing students.

This year, we worked with Federation University to offer sponsorship to the TAFE course offered here in Ballarat. Once award for the Diploma & one for the Advanced Diploma.



Congratulations to Jackson Begelhole for winning the award for the Diploma.



Congratulations to Aprille Cantillas for winning the award for the Advanced Diploma.


Our very own Zan was also exhibiting her work as part of finishing her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design.