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At Stoke Design Co, we amplify your brand's voice through stellar social media design, engaging audiences with visually compelling graphics that resonate.

In the bustling social sphere, Stoke Design Co’s graphic design expertise becomes your brand’s superpower. We curate social media designs that not only grab attention but also hold it, turning viewers into followers and likes into loyalty. Our approach is holistic; we craft each post, story, and banner to echo your brand’s ethos while stirring the interest of your target audience. Leveraging color psychology, typography, and creative imagery, we ensure that every graphic tells a part of your story, inviting interaction and conversation. Our Ballarat-based team stays ahead of social trends, infusing your campaigns with fresh, innovative designs that speak to the heart of your demographic. Whether it’s for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, Stoke Design Co delivers graphics that are not just seen but remembered.

How we can help

  • Engaging social media graphics tailored for your audience.
  • Trend-aware designs that promote brand interaction.
  • Cohesive graphic themes across all social platforms.
  • Conversion-focused imagery to drive audience actions.
  • Custom graphics for posts, stories, ads, and banners.
  • Localised content that resonates with the Ballarat community.
  • Cross-platform design consistency.
  • Analytics-driven design for targeted social engagement.

Our Work

Krave Studios, led by Jo Armstrong, specialises in food and product photography, aiming to encapsulate the narrative of brands through images.
Expertly crafted web design for Traffic Warehouse encapsulates movement, direction, and professional elegance in every click.
DMS Electrical: Sparking Innovation with branding and a digital presence.
ARRCH: Branding & Website for unified community wellness.

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