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Stoke Design Co specialises in building and wayfinding signage that marries clarity with aesthetic appeal, guiding every step.

Stoke Design Co in Ballarat brings precision to the forefront with our building and wayfinding signage designs. We understand that signage is more than directional; it’s the silent guide that enhances user experience while reinforcing brand presence. Our designs are intuitive, ensuring that each sign is a clear marker on the path to discovery. We employ graphic design principles that stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness, helping visitors navigate spaces with ease. Whether it’s for corporate complexes, retail environments, or public facilities, our signs are crafted to be landmarks of navigation. We balance legibility with creativity, using high-contrast graphics and strategic placements that lead the way without overwhelming the senses. Our Ballarat-based team ensures that every sign, from the parking lot to the penthouse, is a reflection of your brand’s commitment to excellence and accessibility.

How we can help

  • Clear, legible building signage for easy navigation.
  • Creative wayfinding solutions tailored to your space.
  • Brand-cohesive signage design for consistent messaging.
  • Durable materials for long-lasting impressions.
  • Strategic placement for optimal visibility and flow.

Our Work

For over 20 years, Red Door has been supplying Ballarat with quality carpets and rugs.
Expertly crafted web design for Traffic Warehouse encapsulates movement, direction, and professional elegance in every click.
Race to Triumph: A Brand That Sets the Pace.
Bendigo Ernest Hotel – an exciting boutique hotel located in the heart of Bendigo.

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