August 21, 2023

How To Add A Facebook Page Admin The Easy Way

Date published (August 21, 2023)
Category (How-to)
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(Leigh Ericksen)

Managing a Facebook page can feel like steering a ship in the vast ocean of social media. As the captain of your digital vessel, you might find yourself in need of a trusty co-captain. If the seas are getting rough, or you just need someone to manage the deck while you're having a coffee break, here's how to add an admin to your Facebook page. No sailor's hat required!


How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page:


  1. Log In: Navigate your browser to Facebook and log in. It’s like opening the door to your digital ship, but without a creaky sound.


  1. Find Your Page: Find the Facebook page that needs an admin. There are no treasure maps here, just a handy search bar.


  1. Visit the ‘Settings’ Tab: Click on ‘Settings’ at the top of your page. It’s like the control room of your ship – minus the flashy buttons.


  1. Seek Out ‘Page Roles’: In the left-hand menu, click ‘Page Roles.’ This is where you’ll find the crew members and their ranks.


  1. Enter the Name or Email: In the ‘Assign a New Page Role’ section, type in the name or email of your chosen co-captain.


  1. Choose ‘Admin’: From the drop-down menu, select ‘Admin.’ This grants them a co-captain’s hat, metaphorically speaking.


  1. Verify with Your Password: Enter your password to make sure it’s really you at the helm. Pirates aren’t allowed!


  1. Click ‘Submit’: Press ‘Submit,’ and your new admin will be notified. Congratulations, you’ve just expanded your crew!



Adding an admin to your Facebook page is smooth sailing with this guide. You’ve got a new partner to help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of social media management. With this extra set of capable hands, you can focus on steering your page to success, or simply enjoy that coffee break with peace of mind. Fair winds and following seas, dear reader! Happy managing! *imagine there’s a ship emoji*