July 19, 2023

Becoming A Podcast Boy: Leigh’s Time On The 20 Square Blocks Podcast.

Date published (July 19, 2023)
Category (Studio)
Read time (8 Minutes )
The author
(Leigh Ericksen)

Follow Leigh as he steps out of his comfort zone on this episode of 20 Square Blocks.


Looking for a new lifestyle listen? Our very own Leigh Ericksen recently hopped on the pod hosted by Ben Plazzer where people come to share their stories, all within 20 square blocks of where the podcast is made.

The episode contains multitudes of emotions as Leigh and Ben discuss light-hearted stories such as that one time someone randomly decided Leigh’s shed was an excellent post drinking sesh crash pad (and yes, you best believe we have footage), as well as discussions on work/life balance and the push and pull effect that that can have on both business and personal life.


You can find the podcast on your favourite podcast platform and hear from the innovative mind himself on just how Stoke Design came to be in 2019 and more, happy listening!