Things we love: Design & Ballarat.

We think differently to most. And, if you don’t mind us saying, we think we have the most delicious graphic design Ballarat has to offer. We’re local, and (in case you can’t tell), we love this town and we love what we do.

Graphic Design in Ballarat

Pursuing graphic design Ballarat? Then look no further.

Gorgeous graphics, delightful designs

At Stoke HQ, we have melting pot of creativity we tap into to produce the most intuitive graphic design Ballarat has to offer.

Our Ballarat graphic designs intertwine across print, websites, logos, social medial, signage…you name it. If there’s visual content that’s communicating a message, you can bet there’s some graphic design involved.

We’re a little biased, so here is what others are saying.

Being able to work one-on-one with the designer makes a huge difference. As ideas developed through the process, nothing was an issue, and all concepts were able to be integrated, including some very late changes made by one of our directors!

Moon Duck

Great design teams are adaptive, flexible, know when to push you out of your comfort zones and above all else, they love what they do. Stoke not only exercise these values, they exceed in them, all the time with the most joyful smiles.

The Provincial Ballarat

We partnered with Stoke Design Co because they had similar values and ethos to ours, but they have far exceeded our expectations as they are a bunch of seriously talented designers. They are a family run business with a focus on creative design and doing things differently, all the while helping us achieve great brand awareness and contributing to our environmental and sustainable standards.

Munash Organics

Trusted by businesses, big & small.

Put the sharpie down. We’re heaps good at design, we’ll fix it for you.
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