True brand success starts with exceptional design.


Gorgeous graphics, delightful designs

At Stoke HQ, we have melting pot of creativity we tap into to
produce intuitive graphic designs.

Our graphic designs intertwine across print, websites, logos, social medial, signage…you name it. If there’s visual content that’s communicating a message, you can bet there’s some graphic design involved.

Graphic design is an artform and can mean the difference between dull and delectable content. We believe exceptional design sits at the core of true brand success, and with Stoke Design Co at the helm, we’re going to steer this ship into the prettiest (graphic designed) sunset you’ve ever laid eyes on.


Give us an “L”, give us an “O”, give us a “G”….you get the drift

If brand is your honey, your logo is your jam. It can be instantly recognised and admired or promptly dismissed. You take your pick.

A logo shouldn’t be designed on a whim, nor should it be created in the flimsiest of time (competitors, you’re on notice!). We take a collaborative approach to your logo development – it begins with your vision and ends with a beautifully designed product worthy of anyone’s attention.

There’s so much more to a logo than meets the eye. Our logo service includes digital files, ownership grants and a detailed Brand Style Guide propelling your logo to dizzying heights.

Let's Chat

Your logo starts with you. Who you are, what you love, what your business does, who your audience is. You, you, you. So it makes sense to start your logo design with a conversation – a real conversation where we dive into your world to understand all the tangible and intangible things that make you and your business tick.


Before we draw a single line, we first need to discuss some logo design concepts. We don’t want to waste your time with logo’s that don’t align with your vision. Together, we’ll conceptualise a handful of options to ensure we’re on the right track before really getting to work.

Let The Magic Happen

Once you fall in love with a logo concept, this is when the magic happens. You give us feedback on all the tweaks you want to see made, then we get to work on your final product.

Behold, the logo is here. And doesn’t she look fine?! Once your logo is complete, and you’re fist pumping the air, we package that baby up for you. Not only do get your hot little hands on a new logo, but we’ll also send you all the digital details, grant you sole ownership of the design and gift you a Brand Style Guide to ensure your logo looks good, every time.


Print ain’t dead

In this digital world we find ourselves in, there’s something to be said for beautiful print designs. Be they brochures that entice touch, business cards that evoke a smile, or stationery the Queen would envy. If you’re going to print, do so with gusto.
Print Design

Business Cards, Stationery, Letterheads, Envelopes, Stickers, Packaging, Brochures & Flyers, Presentation Folders, Postcards, Loyalty Cards, Booklets, Posters

Signage Design

Shopfront Signage, Banners, Pull-Up Banners, Vehicle Signage, Wayfinding Signage

Digital Design

Website Design, Social Media Artwork, EDM Design, Online Advertisements, Digital Signage Content

We're a little biased, so here is what others are saying.

Leigh at Stoke Design Co is friendly, professional and ethical.  I am so grateful for his expert service and patience as we tossed around different ideas only to come back to his original logo! He is wonderful as a person, as a graphic designer and as a website host!

Esther’s Education Foundation