Cairns, Queensland

We create crisp, engaging and innovative website design and graphic design, breathing life into your business.

Cairns is all about walking barefoot in the sun, sharing the beach with crocs, taking a dip at Crystal Cascades …and getting your design on at Stoke HQ.

With flawless functionality, we craft exceptional websites, graphic designs, logos, brands and marketing for clients seeking to champion their digital and print presence.

We think differently to most. And, if you don’t mind us saying, we think we have the fanciest website design Cairns has to offer, the most delicious graphic design Cairns has to offer, and the swankiest logo design Cairns has to offer. We’re local, and (in case you can’t tell), we love this town and we love what we do.

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Website Development

Things we love: Websites & Cairns.

Sick of googling ‘web design Cairns’ and feeling uninspired? Well, we think it’s time for change.

Stoke Design Co create beautifully designed websites with user-focused experiences specifically tailored to your client. From inception, we listen, develop and create websites with perfect flow, exquisite design, and seamless function. Simply put? A better user experience drives better results.

Your Cairns website starts with you. We dive right into your business, your industry, your competition. We could talk about all the fancy stuff we do – like analytics and mobile optimisation and point-of-sale and user interface – but really, all you need to know is your website is about to blow some minds.

When we started Stoke, we set ourselves a challenge – be the best website design Cairns offers. There are dull Cairns websites, then there are delectable Cairns websites…which one will you choose?


Pursuing graphic design Cairns?
Then look no further.

At Stoke HQ, we have melting pot of creativity we tap into to produce the most intuitive graphic design Cairns has to offer.

Our Cairns graphic designs intertwine across print, websites, logos, social medial, signage…you name it. If there’s visual content that’s communicating a message, you can bet there’s some graphic design involved.

If you’re going to create a logo design, Cairns is the place to do it. We’re a coastal town, but we’re a creative one and at Stoke Design Co, we believe exceptional design sits at the core of true brand success. Can a Cairns logo design trump a big city design? Yes, yes it can.


Nobody puts brand in the corner.

The word ‘brand’ is a small word with a big purpose. Your brand speaks volumes about who you are. In short, a sharp brand delivers sharp results.

Digital marketing plays a big part in your brand’s presence. Whether you’re creating a brand from scratch or breathing life into your existing one, our mission stands – optimise your digital content, excite your target market and build a brand you’re proud of.

If you’d like to up your digital marketing game, we can help with Cairns web design, search engine optimisation, social media management, advertising, e-mail marketing, chat bots, and more.

Kind things people have said

“I was searching for a genuine Cairns web design agency that doesn’t over promise and under deliver. Someone who genuinely cared about me and my business. I loved the Stoke team – they were super friendly and really knew their stuff.”

Jess, Palm Cove

“I needed a slick logo for my new business, and someone recommended this Cairns logo design agency called Stoke. I was keen to go local and was not disappointed.”

Steve, Cairns